Dear friends,

We are so grateful here at the School of Discipleship for the years of ministry and service that the Lord has given us, and by his grace we look forward to many more. You all have been a part of that service over the years, and we’re grateful for your partnership.

The students coming to us today come from a far different world than the one most of us have known. The challenges they face, the temptations they experience, and the mindsets they bring with them are both unprecedented and, at the same time, deeply familiar. The problem is sin, the solution is the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the means God has given us of presenting that solution is in the pattern of personal discipleship.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you. As we are continually evaluating the opportunities before us and our own faithfulness to the charge given to us by God, we’re trying to discern what makes this program unique. To do that, we need your help in identifying the way that the School of Discipleship makes its impact. By clicking on the link below and taking our survey, you’ll be helping us to confirm what the soul of this program is.

We know that even after thirty-five years of running a discipleship program, we don’t have a corner on the market, so to speak. That’s why we need your help. Please take the survey. Let us know what worked, what helped, what urged you on to become the men and women that God has directed you to be. With your help, this program can continue to be as significant for the next generation as it has been for the last.

We appreciate your feedback, and we covet your prayers.

Blessings in Christ,

The Dean’s Office