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While the question “What are you going to do next?” is important, we believe the question, “Who are you going to become?” is crucial. Throughout our program, you will build a foundation that will affect the rest of your life. This year is not designed to replace college, but as a step to better equip you as you pursue what the Lord has for you. If you are committed to growing in Christ and learning to serve in your community, we invite you to join us during this eleven-month program. Not only will you build a spiritual foundation, you will also develop the skills needed to serve and lead throughout life.

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Our Mission

The aims of the School of Discipleship are fourfold: first, that students would be rooted and grounded in Christ, recognizing the Gospel message of salvation as the foundation for their lives; second, that our students would strive to be deeply acquainted with the Scriptures, studying them as the meat and drink needed to grow up in all things into Christ; third, that our students would grow in Christ, seeing the promise of the Gospel as giving them all things needed for life and godliness; and fourth, that students would have a growing passion and aptitude for evangelism and discipleship, joyfully joining in the work of the kingdom.

School of Discipleship


101 Rodeo Drive
Spring Creek, PA 16436

Located amongst the breath-taking Alleghany Mountains of Warren County, Pennsylvania in the township of Spring Creek. It is located about 38 miles from Erie, Pennsylvania.

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