As we write this, winter’s not over yet! School has been progressing as normal, despite the buildup of ice and snow we’ve had over the course of the last couple months. I am continually fascinated by the reality that just as the appearance of activity can hide great idleness, so the appearance of stillness can hide great activity. From the outside, it may look like Miracle Mountain Ranch is shut up for the winter behind ice and snow. But in the classroom, our students’ hearts are burning with a love for God and his Word. This month our students have finished Systematic Theology, and their love for the Word and curiosity about the central truths of the Christian Faith are as encouraging to me as ever. They are also studying the book of Romans this month, to see how it is that the just God can justify sinners by faith. It may be cold outside, but that has not stopped our students from pursuing that for which Christ has taken hold of them (Philippians 3.12). Please pray for our students as they continue to take hold of Christ by faith, and as they round the corner into spring with all the opportunities for service the next season will afford.