School of Discipleship Class of 2020Unfortunately, as a result of the current pandemic, we sent our students home on Tuesday, March 17. While we have no guarantees, we are hopeful that the students will be able to rejoin us here at some point before the end of their year in August.

Though the students are not here with us, that doesn’t mean the program has ground to a halt. We’ve been exploring options for online classes, and have resumed some of our instruction online at this point. The students left in the middle of their Practical Theology and Marriage and Family Dynamics classes, and so we’re starting those classes back up online.

In addition to classwork, our staff have been deliberate in trying to keep up with our students by videochat, texting, social media, and other means. Our goal is to continue the relationships we have built and to strengthen those relationships, even though we cannot meet face to face during the present time.

Please pray for all of us during this time. Pray that our students will be safe, and will find new and creative ways to serve the Lord and their communities while they are at home. Pray, too, that our staff will find ways to carry out the work of the ministry in this new context we find ourselves in. The coronavirus has changed many things, but it cannot change our position in Jesus Christ or our mission in the world.