At the School of Discipleship, we realize that the worldview, cultural background, and felt spiritual needs of our students are always changing. We therefore hope to continually develop in order to meet these changing needs. To that end, we’ve introduced some exciting new classes this year, including Old and New Testament Survey, Biblical Theology, and Gospel Transformation. Our Bible Survey classes aim to equip our students as readers and teachers of the Scripture with the background information necessary to understand the biblical text. Biblical Theology is designed to clarify the discipline and task of whole-Bible, Gospel-centered theology and its relationship to exegesis, life, and ministry. Gospel Transformation presents the clear, biblical, and necessary connection between the doctrine of justification by faith and the believer’s walk of holiness and progressive sanctification, focused on instilling deep, Gospel-centered habits and disciplines of grace in the lives of our students.

In addition to these class developments, we have introduced some other changes to our yearly curriculum. One of those changes has been the introduction of a Bible-reading program. Starting this year, we’re asking our students to read through the Old and New Testaments in the eight-month academic phase of the school year. Staff and students alike have found this intense Bible-reading program to be hugely beneficial and challenging, and some of our students are now reading through the entire Scripture for the first time.

As our students now transition into their summer ministry positions, we ask you to pray for their continued growth and that God would be glorified through their service.