As spring arrives, students in the School of Discipleship find their training is focusing on preparing for the summer camp ministry of MMRM. The academic classes are coming to an end and students have all chosen an area to focus their training in. Barn majors are busy preparing the horses for summer and learning how horses can be used to share the truths of scripture. Program majors are busy learning how to use camp activities and interaction to share the gospel of Christ. Students in both areas are learning what it means to be a servant leader, how to resolve conflict, and how to meet the spiritual needs of those around them. Working closely with staff in each area, students are gaining insights in how each area is designed to support and enhance the ministry of the other areas. This close interaction and mentoring provides the foundation of the discipleship method, as the students take all they have learned throughout the year and now see how to make practical applications to life and ministry. As always, we are excited as we enter this part of their year; please be in prayer for the summer placement of our students, that God would provide wisdom in knowing how to best use their gifts and abilities.

Alumni Opportunity:
For over 30 years, the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch has offered an opportunity for young men and women to deepen their spiritual walk and develop godly character and maturity that will equip them for more effective service and leadership in many areas of life and ministry. This program has grown over the years, in part through “word of mouth” testimony from apprentice alumni, who have attended the program and have found it to be a benefit to their lives. The School of Discipleship appreciates when apprentice alumni take the opportunity to encourage like-minded young men and women to check out the School of Discipleship and what it offers young men and women who are committed to seeking to grow in their faith and ministry. We are very grateful for this word of mouth testimony and show our appreciation through the Timothy Award, a monetary gift awarded for referring an applicant to enroll in the School of Discipleship. Please contact the Dean’s Office for more information on the Timothy Award program. Thank you for being a part of influencing a future generation of spiritual leaders – simply by helping us spread the word.