Class of 2012-2013The School of Discipleship 2012-2013 class has arrived! This year we have 38 students joining us from 19 different states as well as from Canada and Australia. It is nearing the end of their first week of Phase One, and they have completed the majority of their orientation workshops. The students are now in their normal Bible and Horsemanship classes, and their current daily schedule also includes morning exercises, personal and group Bible studies, chores, and study time to focus on their school projects. They have also been involved in helping fill the hay barn and in various other projects around the ranch. Even though it is early in the year, the students are already gaining valuable insights. Leah Watkins is realizing “How much we need to rely on God.” Chad Wiler shared that “One thing I have learned is to not doubt God – at all.” It is encouraging to see how well the students are bonding, their willingness to learn, and, most importantly, their hunger to deepen their relationship with God.

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