As summer approaches, the students in the School of Discipleship are finishing up their classes and preparing for the arrival of summer camp. Since the beginning of the year, the Bible classes have offered them the opportunity to examine the foundation of their faith and deepen their spiritual walk. A variety of individualized projects has allowed them to examine themselves as they consider the attributes of God and the spiritual character qualities that evidence His presence within a believer’s life. At this time of year, they have also been busy focusing on gaining experience and training in their majors and now, with summer camp approaching so quickly, they are all looking forward to the opportunity to minister to the kids who will come. Before the students left for spring break, they had the opportunity to choose the areas they would like to serve in during the summer. They will be serving in the Horse Barn, Programming, Food Service, Operations or Media departments, and as a staff, we always enjoy watching them use what they have learned to share the love of God with those who come. Please pray for our current students – that God would be glorified through their service this summer. Also, please pray for the incoming students planning on attending the School of Discipleship this fall.

Miracle Mountain Ranch’s School of Discipleship is a biblically-based Christian discipleship and leadership program designed for high school graduates who are committed to developing Christ-like character and spiritual maturity, through mentoring and godly disciplines, with the goal of becoming a person of influence for Jesus Christ. The School of Discipleship offers the opportunity for believers to focus on strengthening the Biblical foundation of their faith through the four components of the program. They begin by establishing a deeper relationship with God, recognizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. They continue by equipping themselves through unique hands-on experiences and structured classes. Then they will be extending their field of influence through Christian leadership in the ministry and outreach of Miracle Mountain Ranch. As their skills in establishing, equipping, and extending increase, the discipleship students then have the responsibility for evangelizing – responding in obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples. Opportunities for effective Christian leadership results from the integrity and maturity they build throughout the year in the School of Discipleship.

We are now offering *$600 off enrollment for the upcoming 2016-2017 year. Deadline for discount is May 31, 2016. To request an information packet and application, apply via our online Packet Request form or call 814-664-7673.