The School of Discipleship was created over 30 years ago to provide an opportunity for young men and women to strengthen their faith, develop Christ-like character and acquire the leadership skills necessary to impact the world for Christ. While the apprenticeship program has changed, grown and developed over the years, the goal has remained the same. As students arrive in the fall, our hope for each one is that, throughout the year, as they study the Word of God, they will gain a greater understanding of who God is, and that this understanding will then cause growth, change and maturity in their life that will prepare them for areas of responsible leadership and allow them to pass these truths on to others.

Now that summer has arrived, the discipleship students have moved into their summer positions. As the students become fully involved in the ministry of MMR, serving the campers and guests, supervising the volunteers and sharing the truth of God’s Word, they also have the opportunity to put into practice the truths they have learned over the year, practicing the qualities of servant-leadership, developing skills in conflict resolution, and encouraging growth and spiritual development in those around them. As staff, all of us enjoy watching the process of God taking the seeds planted and watered and “causing the growth” in the lives of the students. Please continue to be in prayer for them as they finish out their year.

If you are a high-school graduate or know of anyone who may be interested in the School of Discipleship, desiring to increase in the knowledge and grace of God and be actively involved in ministry, please contact the School of Discipleship. Openings are still available for the 2015/2016 school year.