Shortly after the end of summer camp, all of us here at MMR enjoyed celebrating the graduation of the apprenticeship students. Graduation is always a special time of rejoicing for all that God has done in the lives of the students who have come. It is a time of thanksgiving for hearts challenged and lives changed as testimonies are given of how God has done a work in each life. Then, as soon as graduation is over, we find ourselves preparing for a whole new group of students to arrive for Orientation. In early September, 30 first-year students, and 8 second-year students arrived from nineteen different states, as well as Canada and Australia, to begin their year of study at MMR’s School of Discipleship. They entered into the “Boot Camp” phase of the program, with open hearts eager to learn. Boot Camp is designed to provide challenging opportunities for change – with days full of Bible classes, horsemanship classes, chore/operations times, and supervised study times. The ultimate goal is to begin them on their journey of spending a year seeking to fulfill the mission statement of the School of Discipleship; Establishing their roots deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ, Equipping themselves with the skills and tools needed to be effective in ministry, Extending their outreach through leadership abilities and passion for service, and Evangelizing through outreach and ministry. Each year we are excited as we watch them begin their journey, and we pray that God would direct them every step of the way. At the same time, as staff, we are also constantly challenged in our own spiritual life. May we all be found faithful at His coming!

If you are a high school graduate, serious about building godly disciplines in your life for preparation as an effective Christian leader through integrity and maturity, inquire about the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch! We are accepting applications for the new class of 2013-2014.

Dan Cooper,

Dean of Students

Patty May,

Dean of Women