Summer Camp is here! What does that mean for the students in the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch? This is the 200 hour, 3 credit Leadership Practicum that each student does under a staff member in a particular field or area within our summer camp ministry. After establishing their roots deeper in their relationship with Jesus Christ throughout the first part of the year through classroom instruction and Bible projects, they began equipping themselves for a “hands-on” experience of extending their leadership through discipleship, ministering, leadership, and being a Christ-like example in the summer camp venue. Some of these areas include the Equine department, Food Service, Housekeeping, Media, Programming, Construction and Maintenance, and Grounds.

If you are a high school graduate, serious about building Godly disciplines into your life to prepare for effective Christian leadership through integrity and maturity, inquire about the School of Discipleship at Miracle Mountain Ranch! We are accepting applications for the new class of 2012-2013.

Dan Cooper, Dean of Students

Patty May, Dean of Women