Summer camp at MMR is an opportunity for our School of Discipleship students to practice the leadership and discipleship skills they have learned throughout the year. The School of Discipleship students served in a variety of ministry areas and were a blessing to the ministry of MMR. In mid-August, we celebrated the completion of their year at a graduation ceremony where we rejoiced in many testimonies of all God had done in their lives.

In early September, we welcomed 28 first-year and 10 second-year students into the School of Discipleship. These young men and women have committed their year to deepening their walk with the Lord and learning more about Him. They have just finished the first phase of their training. As staff we are enjoying getting to know them all and watching them gain an understanding of how God desires to work in their lives. Please keep them in prayer–that they would have learner’s hearts and that God would be glorified throughout their lives.

Over the last several years, we have enjoyed the opportunity to revise some of the classes and projects used in the School of Discipleship. Our goal has been to help each student know God in a deeper way by studying the attributes of God and doing in-depth studies on the truth of God’s Word. They then have opportunity to apply those truths to their lives as they allow the Lord to do His work in their hearts.

Miracle Mountain Ranch’s School of Discipleship is a biblically-based, Christian discipleship and leadership program designed for high school graduates who are committed to developing Christ-like character and spiritual maturity through mentoring and godly disciplines, with the goal of becoming a person of influence for Jesus Christ.

Do you know a high school graduate who might benefit from this program? To request an information packet and to apply, fill out our Request Information form online or call our office at (814) 664-7673.