Since its beginning in 1981, the School of Discipleship has existed to provide an opportunity for college-aged men and women to spend a year deepening their spiritual walk, establishing their faith, and sharing that faith with whomever they encounter. Here are some brief testimonies of students whose lives have been transformed by God through their experience at MMR:

“Before I started, I remember thinking that I hoped the School of Discipleship would be challenging. From day one, God has used the MMR staff to teach, stretch, and challenge me towards Christ-likeness in humility, servant-leadership, and a willingness to surrender fully to God’s will. I no longer merely hope, but now expect it eagerly every single day.”

— Katelyn Clarahan, Franklin, PA; Current 2nd year student in Guest Services

“The aspect of the apprenticeship program that impacted me most was the quantity of time I spent with the staff. While the classes really challenged my thinking, it was watching the staff live out the principles of the Bible that God used to change my life. One particular word of advice was: ‘You don’t go wrong when you respond in humility.’ As a pastor’s wife today, I am so grateful for each of the staff’s investment in my life and for the rewards their sacrifice is reaping today.”

— Hilary (Spencer) Troester, Mineral Point, WI; Class of 2004-2005

“There were a lot of things that God taught me through my year in the School of Discipleship, but the main thing was my identity in Christ. Because I had found identity in my personality, strength, and occupation, it led to living a lie (that I was someone I wasn’t) and self-condemnation. God showed me all of this through godly counsel and, after seeking His forgiveness, I learned how to apply truth by embracing Romans 8:1 and living transparently before those around me.”

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are Christ Jesus, who walk not after flesh, but after the Spirit.” – Romans 8:1

— Timothy Rega, Freeport, FL; Class of 2011