What to Bring

What To Bring
Miracle Mountain Ranch will be providing beds, mattresses, dressers and desks for each student, as well as “living room” furniture such as couches, chairs, tables, etc. Students are expected to bring their own linens, toiletries, and personal items. Listed below are some suggested ideas from “old” students to help you pack.

Prepare for weather of all kinds! Hot, cold, really cold, and rainy conditions are our specialty.

Work clothes – sweatshirts, jeans, coveralls (insulated if possible), work boots, long underwear and clothes that layer well, “grubby” clothes for painting and barn work, hats, scarves, gloves, warm winter boots, thermal anything, insulated work coat, tall muck boots and rain gear.

Riding Apparel – If you have a helmet, boots, chaps, etc., you will want to bring them. If you have riding equipment (saddles, bridles, etc.) you will want to check with us before bringing it. Boots with large cleats or tread will not be permitted for winter riding because of safety concerns.

Appropriate dress for chapel, Bible studies, and Sundays will consist of modest skirts (below the knee) or dress pants for young ladies, and slacks or dress pants for young men.

Medicines – Bring any prescribed medications that you use plus pain relievers, cold medicines, cough syrup/drops, Benedryl, bandaids, Ace bandages, Pepto-Bismol, etc.

Bring a Bible concordance if you own one, as well as pens, notebooks, stationary, etc. If you have a personal laptop computer that you are using, you should bring it. A buddy system is necessary for accountability when on the internet.

Perhaps, most important of all, bring a learner’s attitude, a servant’s heart and a willing spirit. The Lord can do much in your heart and life if you are ready.