1. Animals: No personal pets are permitted, however special arrangements can be made for boarding horses during the apprentice year.
  2. Church Attendance: Students are expected to support MMR ministry by attending chapel services during retreats and summer camp. Students will be expected to attend local churches the remainder of Sunday’s in the calendar year.
  3. Clothing: Sunday attire for Sunday meetings and chapels, recreational attire appropriate for specific sports and recreation, western attire for visiting and representing MMR at certain functions.
  4. Dating: Students are committing solely to develop their relationship with Christ for the year.
  5. Finances: Tuition covers housing, meals (except some travel), utilities, equipment, administrative costs, insurance, and development costs. Apprentices are responsible for texts, riding apparel, phone calls, and transportation to and from town. Payment plans may be arranged with the finance office, and must be agreed upon in advance.
  6. Internet: Computers are primarily used for study. There are two computers in the library with access to e-mail for students who do not have a laptop.
  7. Housing: All basic furnishings for dorms are provided by MMR. Dorms are NOT co-ed. You will want to bring personal bedding, comforters, etc.
  8. Medicines/Health Policy: Apprentices are to supply their own medicines and bandages. The Ranch has items that can be used on an emergency basis only.
  9. Vehicles: Owners of vehicles are responsible for their own insurance, care, and operation of vehicles. They are parked in the Town Hall parking lot.