Miracle Mountain Ranch’s School of Discipleship is a biblically-based Christian discipleship and leadership program designed for high-school graduates, who are committed to developing Christ-like character and spiritual maturity, through mentoring and godly disciplines, with the goal of becoming a person of influence for Jesus Christ. The School of Discipleship offers the opportunity for believers to focus on strengthening the Biblical foundation of their faith through the four components of the program. They begin by establishing a deeper relationship with God, recognizing the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. They continue by equipping themselves through unique hands-on experiences and structured classes. Then they will be extending their field of influence through Christian leadership in the ministry and outreach of Miracle Mountain Ranch. As their skills in establishing, equipping, and extending increase, the discipleship students then have the responsibility for evangelizing, responding in obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples.  Opportunities for effective Christian leadership results from the integrity and maturity they build throughout the year in the School of Discipleship.

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Latest Blog Updates

  • Dean’s Update
    Summer camp at MMR is an opportunity for our School of Discipleship students to practice the leadership and discipleship skills they have learned throughout the year. The School of Discipleship students served in a variety of ministry areas and...  Read more
  • Bible Reading: Joseph’s Resurrection
    Those of you who are following along with us on our Bible reading plan for the year will know that we are in the middle of Joseph's story right now, Genesis 37-50. This morning we read Genesis 43-45, which continues the in the episode of Joseph's...  Read more
  • Bible-Reading Plan
    With this year's class graduating tomorrow and a new class commencing in a few weeks, we've been making some changes to the curriculum at the School of Discipleship. With every change and adjustment, we believe that rather than departing from...  Read more